PVS Benefits

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PVS benefits:

  1. Storage foot print would be very small for PVS.
  2. Using cache on ram, would give a better performance on overall VDI performance.
  3. Citrix Admins have complete control over user’s VDI.
  4. Windows updates in normal scenario take lot of network bandwidth and storage - With PVS, only one image should be updated, rest of all are done with a reboot.
  5. With dynamic VDIs, we can power manage them as per user shift timings.

Pros to Non-Persistent Dynamic VDIs.

  • Patches and software installs/updates only installed on base image and pushed out to all machines with reboot.  Minimizes time to update and impact on Storage/Network.
  • Machine reset to “Factory” on reboot.  If a user manages to install a piece of software it is removed on reboot.
  • Not as many machines required since users can share machines.  Instead of 3000 machines for 3000 users we would more likely need 2000 or maybe even less to service the same 3000 users.
  • 2000 VDIs only use 100GB(size of vDisk on PVS server) of total Storage instead of 200TB
  • Can be power managed so that only VDIs that are in use plus a few to cover new logins will need to be running instead of all machines running at all times.

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