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PVS Services:

  • SOAP Service: Simple object access protocol. This is the XML based service which communicate between applications. Soap Service is for PVS Console and management operations only and will not effect streaming at all. If this service is stopped any activity that involves the PVS GUI console will stop. You cannot connect to your PVS environment using PVS console. Soap service is for console to communicate with the pvs server.
  • Stream Service: Stream service is responsible for streaming vDisk to the target devices in a hypervisor or physical devices. Stream service is for streaming os to target devices. If stopped target devices wont work. This service is responsible for delivering the vdisk to the users. The streaming process is handled by the STREAM service.
  • PXE and TFTP services are for providing PXE and TFTP details when the target device is booted up.

All the existing user connections will be dropped when stream service is stopped. If you restart stream service on first server, all target devices try to connect to second server immediately. Second PVS server should have enough memory and CPU to handle all connections.

PXE – PXE stands pre boot execution enviroment. It enabled the Virtual or physical machine to boot over the network before the booting the operating system. If we enable PXE then Virtual or physical machine connects its NIX to LAN via jumper which keeps machine connected to network. Due to this feauture operating system can be loaded onto the device from server over the network. PXE boot is same as network boot where you press F12.

pxe service is for providing tftp server ip and bin file name. option 66 for tftp server name and 67 for bin file name

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