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Solution for remote desktop services is currently busy error

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When users connecting to applications from XenApp 6.5 (or less) version, randomly few users might get the error, The task you are trying to do can’t be completed because Remote Desktop Services is currently busy. Please try again in a few minutes. Other users should still be able to log on. No matter how many times that user connects to the application, they will still get same error. When Citrix admins try to logoff that session, it will not logoff.

If you are on latest Citrix virtual apps and desktops version or more than 7.X version, you can hide user’s session. Checkout this article to know more on how to hide Citrix session: Hide Citrix Session. But if you are on XenApp 6.5 (or less) version, you do not have the option to hide user’s Citrix session. You cant reboot that server as there might be other users connected to the same application server.

This solution will only work, If your application has more than one application server.


If you have multiple application servers published for same application, duplicate that existing application, rename it (like app2) and publish it to only one healthy app server. Give permissions to user on that new app. When user relogin to the Citrix apps portal (Citrix gateway or storefront load balancing VIP etc…), he will see two applications in Citrix portal, app and app2. When user clicks on this new app (app2), it launches on a single healthy server. Behind the scenes, user is technically accessing the same application, but from a different healthy server.

At a later point of time, reboot the faulty server to fix the issue permanently.

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