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In addition to all the great features available today, XenApp 6 has the following new features and enhancements:

Citrix Receiver

The new Citrix Receiver for Windows supports eight languages with expanded support for plug-ins including Single sign-on, WAN acceleration, App-V and EasyCall. There is a new Dazzle-enabled Receiver for Mac. And for mobile devices, users can use Receiver on iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile to access applications hosted on XenApp 6


End users now have the freedom to subscribe to XenApp applications (including App-V packages) using Dazzle on their PC or Mac


Collaboration via Microsoft OCS Video conferencing. This HDX RealTime feature enables customers to host Microsoft Office Communicator on XenApp servers to enable end users to use their web cams for video conferencing. The solution even works for WAN connections and we have seen good results for connections with 200ms latency!

Enhanced audio through new audio codec technology. With the new “Optimized for speech” codec, HDX RealTime delivers clear audio quality to softphone and voice chat users with very modest bandwidth consumption (less than 20 Kbps). Any server rendered video will also benefit from the new “High definition” codec which provides CD quality audio using 90% less bandwidth

Enhancements for delivery of VoIP soft phones. Customers can deploy softphones (Avaya, etc.) on XenApp servers where the voice traffic can leverage the new HDX audio codecs and new client-side features like echo cancellation

True Multi-monitor support. The new solution expands our current Multi-monitor support by improving application compatibility when using Multiple monitors with better performance and quality

Support for Windows Portable USB Devices. This feature enables end users to plug in their USB devices (cameras, scanners, point of sale devices etc.) and seamlessly access them from their hosted XenApp 6 desktops and apps

AppCenter (Management)

Single management console. Administrators can now use a single management console to administer their entire XenApp farm. The management console has been completely redesigned for simplicity and performance

Active Directory Group Policy integration. XenApp policies and server/farm settings have now been added to Active Directory group policies enabling administrators to manage XenApp policies using their AD infrastructure. This simplifies customer environments and enables administrators to leverage all the Group Policy features when administering Citrix policies. For more details check out Juliano’s blog series

Publish applications and load balance across worker groups. Administrators can now create “Worker groups” with one or more servers and publish applications and create load balancing policies across these worker groups. This simplifies application workload/silo management and ensures that all the servers in a worker group have the same applications and policies, thus eliminating ‘configuration drift’

Simplified install. We have completely redesigned the install from ground up to make it simple, fast and intuitive. You can now install XenApp Platinum with all its features in a few clicks. Also, by separating the install from configuration we simplified XenApp deployments using Provisioning services or other image management solutions

Enhanced scalability and performance. Compared to XenApp 5, you will see about 15-20% more users increasing single server scalability and hence reducing the TCO of XenApp delivered applications and desktops

PowerShell SDK. Administrators can now use the power of PowerShell to automate XenApp management tasks. We have completely rebuilt the XenApp SDK using PowerShell

Windows service isolation for streamed applications. Applications like Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office 2010 (which is in Beta) install a windows service and can now be profiled and streamed using the new service isolation technology

Microsoft App-V support. Customers can now distribute App-V plug-in to end point devices using Citrix Receiver, publish App-V packages using XenApp and let their end users subscribe to App-V packaged applications using Dazzle

New Citrix license usage and trending reports. Customers can now obtain rich reports on Citrix license usage and trends. We integrated our license reports into EdgeSight and are making these reports available to all XenApp edition customers

Multi-lingual User Interface. XenApp now supports MUI enabling customers to deploy one XenApp server to serve a diverse group of user population who need access to their applications in their local language

In addition to these major features and enhancements, XenApp 6 is packed with other features like 32-bit color support, Graphics acceleration for WPF applications, Windows 7 smart card support, Web Interface, Single sign-on and SmartAuditor enhancements, etc.

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Features in detail

  • 1. Introducing Citrix XenApp 6 April 2010
  • 2. Introducing XenApp 6 • The de facto standard for on-demand app delivery to any desktop • Work from anywhere on any device from PC to Mac, smartphone to netbook • Self-service storefront for apps, desktops and IT services • Hi-def experience for rich multi-media applications over any network • Purpose built for Microsoft WS08 R2 for advanced management and scalability
  • 3. XenApp 6 themes Any device, Self-service RealTime Single anywhere apps and management Plug-n-Play console
  • 4. XenApp 6 key features • Receiver for • Dazzle self-service • HDX RealTime • Built for WS08 R2 Windows, MAC storefront for PC collaboration for & Linux and Mac OCS and VoIP • Simple, fast product softphones installation • Smartphone support • App-V integration • iPhone 2.0 • HDX RealTime CD • Single, intuitive app • Android 1.0 quality audio management console • New plug-ins • HDX Plug ‘n Play • Seamless Microsoft • Single sign-on for Windows portable management • WAN acceleration USB devices integration • EasyCall voice services
  • 5. Single management console Enterprise-class scalability
  • 6. Built for Windows Server 2008 R2 Easier management, improved performance • Citrix performance improvements for R2 result in 15% or more users per server • Single application management console modeled after MMC 3.0 • Active Directory Group Policy extensions enable policy-based management of XenApp • Broader peripheral support enables enhanced Citrix HDX experience • PowerShell 2.0 enables automation of management workflows
  • 7. Single application management console Perform key management tasks from a single interface • Redesigned MMC 3.0-style console • Core technology is PowerShell SDK • Apps, administrators, zones, policies • Requires XenApp for R2
  • 8. Simple configuration, powerful policy-based controls Server groups Integrated • Assign policies to policy controls server groups • Configure session, • Publish apps to server, user, device, server groups load and printing • Configure new servers policies in one console in seconds with simple • Console extension also drag-and-drop accessible via Group • Eliminate configuration Policy Editor drift and human error
  • 9. Active Directory integration Simplify management and reduce complexity • Manage XenApp using familiar group policy style management • Create policies as Citrix IMA and/or Active directory group policies • Active directory not required (e.g. works even without admin access to Active Directory) • Assign policies to user or server groups for automated configuration • Requirements • Requires XenApp for Windows Server 2008 R2 • Published apps, load balancing, group preference and fail-over managed in IMA only
  • 10. Active Directory integration (cont’d) • Use Group Policy Management to: • Use Advanced Group Policy Mgr. to: • Configure XenApp farms and • Create role based and granular delegated servers using GPO templates administration • Assign templates to server groups • Manage AD policy change requests and •Re-provision servers by managing approval process Active Directory (AD) group membership • Edit GPO’s while AD is offline • Backup and restore policies • Create reports to locate policy • Migrate policies between domains inconsistency and enable audit logging • View group policy results for • Recover and repair GPO’s servers, users or sessions • Create GPO template libraries •Delegate administrators for • E-mail notify when GPO changes Citrix settings and policies • Track, version, rollback GPO changes
  • 11. Creating policies for XenApp GPO Editor Active directory ADM/X group policies GPF/X Directory SysVol • Citrix/MS OU policies (DFS) • Citrix/MS Domain policy GPMC • Citrix/MS Site policies Delivery Local Citrix policy IMA GPF/X Services Console server extensions Database SysVol (policies node) Processing • Updates synch periodically • Applied at server boot or user logon • Force synch using gpupdate.exe
  • 12. The Windows logon process Microsoft Client- WinLogon side extensions Resultant policy (CSE) Microsoft CSE Directory SysVol (DFS) Microsoft CSE Local server Registry Citrix CSE Local server SysVol
  • 13. GPO processing and precedence 1. Microsoft Active Directory policy OU GPO’s take precedence precedence is unchanged over Domain GPO’s • Organizational unit Domain GPO’s take • Domain precedence over site GPO’s • Site Site GPO’s take precedence over Local Machine policies 2. Local machine policies Citrix IMA local policies •IMA-based policies take precedence Microsoft local policies over local server settings •Citrix and Microsoft local policies at same precedence level
  • 14. Enhanced License Management Comprehensive Citrix license management • Manage license server from: • Windows (32/64 bit) XP, Vista, 7, 2003, 2008 • Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 • Red Hat Linux (32/64 bit) 4.0 and 5.0 • Sun Solaris 32-bit • Browser support • Firefox on Red Hat Linux • Internet Explorer 6 and 7 on Windows • Safari 2.0 on Mac OS X • Requirements • Windows requires Visual C++ 2005 SP1
  • 15. New! License Management Console
  • 16. Simple product installation Install and provision servers faster and easier • Server role installer lets you choose what to deploy • Provisioning friendly • Zero-config deployment • First time config performed post-installation • Auto-config can be performed using group policies • Automated pre-requisite install
  • 17. Installation experience
  • 18. Optimized user profile management Reduce profile load time up to 80% • Profile loading postponed until logon process is completed • User profile can be set to: • Load settings on-demand • Pre-cache files of specific sizes (download in background) • Cache entire profile after logon (download in background) • Modified settings updated to profile intermittently without requiring logoff
  • 19. Profile loading with and without streaming Without profile streaming GPO Logon Profile Scripts, etc. Desktop processing 1. System treats profile as 3. Other profile components immediately loaded and loaded on-demand continues logon process With profile streaming GPO Logon Scripts, etc. Desktop processing 2. If desired, large profile components pre-cached in background
  • 20. PowerShell 2.0 SDK Automate management tasks to improve efficiency • All tasks in management console can be automated with PowerShell • New SDK replaces MFCOM • Automate via Workflow Studio or PowerShell
  • 21. A whole new class of apps with HDX RealTime and Plug-n-Play High Definition User Experience
  • 22. HDX RealTime with CD quality audio Higher quality audio at lower bandwidth • New codec’s enable CD quality audio using 90% less bandwidth • Echo cancellation enable VoIP softphone support • Requirements and recommendations • XenApp on Windows Server 2008 R2 only • Audio setting for VoIP should be low/medium • Audio setting for music should be high • Available for Windows clients only at this time
  • 23. HDX RealTime for Microsoft OCS and Softphones Collaborate in real-time to improve productivity • WebCam support for Windows devices • Microsoft Office Communicator support for video and audio conferencing • Requirements and recommendations • XenApp for Windows Server 2008 R2 only • Works with Windows client only at this time • Intended for LAN use only • Double hop not supported (e.g. XenApp session through XenDesktop session)
  • 24. Windows portable USB devices support Seamless access to more USB devices and peripherals • Support for dynamic plug-n-play access to Windows portable USB devices • Point-of-sale devices, 3D mice • Webcams, headsets, microphones • Digital camera’s, scanners • Requirements and recommendations • Requires Windows Server 2008 R2 • Only supported from Windows client device • Dynamic plug-n-play requires device driver to be pre-installed on client and server
  • 25. Enhanced color and monitor support Improved compatibility for graphics-dependent applications • Improved compatibility with applications that require: • True delineated video space for multiple monitors • 32-bit color depth • App positions are persistent across multiple monitors and sessions • Requirements and recommendations • Requires Windows Server 2008 R2 • Legacy multi-monitor support used for Windows Server 2008 R1 or prior
  • 26. Windows 7 smart card support SmartCard support improves security • XenApp SmartCard support extended to Windows 7 client devices • Supports logon, reconnect, unlock, auto-disconnect and SmoothRoaming • Double hop authentication from XenDesktop to XenApp supported • Requires Windows 7 client device and XenApp for Windows Server 2008 R2
  • 27. 32-bit graphics support 32-bit graphics support enhances application compatibility • DirectX/Direct3D hardware acceleration enabled in 32-bit sessions • Alpha-channel graphics enabled for apps that require 32-bit support • Uses same bandwidth as 24-bit session • Requires Windows Server 2008 R2
  • 28. NEW! XenApp 5 Feature Pack 3 HDX enhancements for Windows Server 2008 R1 HDX MediaStream HDX Plug-n-Play HDX WAN for Flash for USB storage Optimization
  • 29. Self-service apps gives users ultimate flexibility On-demand application delivery
  • 30. Self-service Enterprise App Store Personal and easy-to-use interface for subscribing to applications • Citrix Dazzle v1.1 • Distribute Dazzle plug-in using Citrix Receiver • Subscribe to published apps • Download and pre-cache streamed apps • Supports Windows and Mac
  • 31. Microsoft App-V integration Flexible options for application delivery • Enables Citrix streaming to deliver Citrix or Microsoft App-V packages • Publish App-V packages directly from XenApp • Manage App-V client plug-in using Citrix Receiver • Subscribe to App-V packages using Citrix Dazzle
  • 32. NEW! Application isolation for Windows services Improve compatibility of any Windows app • Isolate apps from each other to improve run-time compatibility • New! Stream apps with integrated Windows services • E.g. Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Creative Suite
  • 33. Complete mobility from any device, anywhere
  • 34. NEW! Citrix Receiver for Mac Ensure a consistent and simple user experience • Universal device support for Mac operating systems • Secure application access from Mac devices with Access Gateway plug-in • Requirements • Mac OS X 10.4 or higher • Merchandising Server 1.1 or higher
  • 35. NEW! Expanded plug-in support for Citrix Receiver Flexible access options for Windows and Mac users • Dazzle plug-in for Windows/Mac • Online plug-in for Mac • App-V plug-in for Windows • WAN acceleration plug-in for Windows • Single sign-on plug-in for Windows • Voice communications plug-in for Windows and Mac
  • 36. Universal SmartPhone support Thousands of Windows apps in the palm of your hand • Access hosted apps from today’s most popular phones • Work from anywhere • Secure access to data • Device-intuitive navigation • Easy access to docs and data with Doc Finder feature • Optimized access to web-based apps using App Viewer
  • 37. Universal smartphone support Citrix Receiver for iPhone 2.0 • Configure favorite and featured apps • Access multiple farms • Graphics and performance improvements to user interface • 128-bit session encryption • Localized interface • Available from App Store
  • 38. Universal smartphone support Receiver for Android 1.0 • Access any Windows app • Full scroll, type and zoom capabilities • Cut, copy, paste with ease • Contextual keyboard with shortcuts for common functions • Connect via Access Gateway included with XenApp
  • 39. Universal smartphone support Receiver for Windows Mobile • Pan, zoom and navigate using familiar touch screen controls • Type using on-screen or slide-out keyboard • Use XenApp Services to add apps to programs folder • User XenApp Web to access apps through a browser • Update released in September and available on
  • 40. XenApp 6 themes Any device, Self-service RealTime Single anywhere apps and management Plug-n-Play console Get it at

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