Difference between upgrade & migration

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Upgrade: Installing a new version of a feature or realise item over an existing version.

Migration: A clean, new installation of that feature or realise item.

What’s that men ? Migration is time consuming because of:

(short version)

  • We have to create new Citrix farm
  • We have to install new servers
  • We are only able to migrate most Citrix Farm settings.

(long version)

  • We have to create new Citrix Farm.
    XenApp 6.5 farm can only encompass XenApp 6.5 servers – mixed farms are not supported.

  • We have to install new servers (as I know currently we don’t have any Windows 2008 R2 servers in current Citrix farm.)
    XenApp 6.5 implementations must be based on clean Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system installations as Citrix does not support operating system upgrades. Thus, there is no upgrade path to XenApp 6.5 from XenApp 5 or earlier products.

We are able to migrate most Citrix Farm settings.

  • Applications
  • Application and server folders
  • Load evaluators
  • Policies
  • Server configuration
  • Farm configuration
  • Administrator accounts
  • Health Monitoring and Recovery Tests
  • Worker Groups (XenApp 6.x only)
  • Load Balancing Policies (XenApp 6.x only)
  • Pre-launched applications (XenApp6.5 only)

Following settings will not migrate to new farm:

  • Zones
  • Printer management, such as driver mappings and auto-replication
  • Configuration Logging settings
  • Health Monitoring and Recovery executables
  • Server registry settings
  • Deprecated settings, such as
  • Application Isolation Environments

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