Citrix Netscaler - not saving configuration

Issue: Netscaler ADC 12.1 does not save the configuration. When clicked on the save icon in the browser, it prompts whether you want to save running configuration. Nothing happens when you click yes. From the putty session, when you run “save config” command, it outputs “ERROR:”. No error message is displayed. Solution: Login to your netscaler through putty and check the free space of /flash directory. Run df -h command on the shell prompt to find the free space.

AWS Definitions

Let’s look at some of the AWS definitions below. Some of the definitions are from AWS website directly. Availability Zones From AWS website: An Availability Zone (AZ) is one or more discrete data centers with redundant power, networking, and connectivity in an AWS Region. AZs give customers the ability to operate production applications and databases that are more highly available, fault tolerant, and scalable than would be possible from a single data center.

AWS Important points

Most of the AWS services are region specific. Services like IAM are available global. They are not related to any specific region. In AWS regional services page, you can check the services as per region. AWS Regional Services (amazon.com) AWS Role name can contain alphanumeric characters, or any of the following: _+=,.@- Even though admin permissions are given to a user, still he cant access billing dashboard. When creating instance if you create a tag called Name and give it a name, that name will be set as the instance name automatically.

A usable server cannot be found on which to launch the application

Issue When you click on a citrix application, ICA file downloads successfully. When clicking on the downloaded ICA file, it says: " A usable server cannot be found on which to launch the application. Application: APPNAME, Client XXX (address:XXXX), user:XXXX. Check your worker group definitions and load balancing policies to verify appropriate servers are assigned for the application name." Event id: 10001, Source: MetaFrameEvents, LogName: Application, Environment: <= xenapp 6.5 version

Install Software on Windows machines with Ansible

If you are a sysadmin responsible for managing software on multiple PCs, you might have already thought about an automation software by now. In the market there are a lot of softwares using which you can manage software on remote PCs or collect inventory. One such software is Ansible. Primary feature that separates Ansible from other softwares is that you do not need to install any plugins on the remote PCs for performing any task on the remote PC.

Citrix Workspace SSL connection error on Ubuntu

When you try to access Citrix applications and desktops from any operating system, you’d first start by installing the Citrix Workspace application (formerly known as Receiver). But after installing the software, when you try to access your company’s Citrix URL, you may end up with a certificate error. One error when accessing Citrix applications and desktops through Citrix Workspace app from Ubuntu is: Your Account cannot be added using this server address.

An authentication attempt was made for user

Users are getting an ‘Incorrect username and Password’ message while logging on through Storefront. The following messages appear in the event viewer on the Storefront Servers ‘An authentication attempt was made for user: username that resulted in: Failed (Windows Error Code: 1326) Password expiry information was requested but none was returned’ Users confirm that they can login to the other applications like outlook or teams etc with the same password, but for the storefront portal login, it doesnt work.

Find Ports used by application and vice versa

Check which application is using a port: Open the command prompt and run netstat -aon | findstr \[port\_number\]. If the port is being used by any application, then that application’s detail will be shown. The number, which is shown at the last column of the list, is the PID (process ID) of that application. Make note of this. Type tasklist | findstr [PID]. Replace the [PID] with the number from the above step and hit enter.

Backup and Restore Netscaler

Have you ever tried to backup netscaler configuration and restore? Luckily, Citrix gave us the opportunity to create basic and full backups on netscaler. We can create backups for the software configuration on the netscaler and restore it when needed. In GUI, Goto Netscaler/System/Backup and Restore option. Enter a name for your backup and select full backup and download the tgz file to your machine. That’s it. You just created a full backup file for your netscaler.

NetScaler High CPU

On a weekend or on a non busy day in your environment, you might see netscaler displaying high cpu (more than 80%) on the hypervisor. If your hypervisor team reports this to you, dont worry. Nothing is wrong. The NetScaler packet processing engine is always “looking for work”, even when there is no work to be done. Therefore, it will do everything it can to take control of the CPU and not release it.