Delivery Controller cannot contact vCenter server after certificate update on vCenter

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Issue: vcenter certificate replaced. From thereon, Citrix studio cant connect to vcenter. Power control options grayed out in director and studio doesn’t show power options at all.

Troubleshooting: Hypervisor tests on the vcenter server url in studio->hosting tab, show that studio cant connect to vcenter because of certificate issue.


  • Goto your vcenter url: on IE, download the certificate in DER encoded cert format.
  • Install it to trusted people, select show physical stores.
  • After install is complete, goto cert file you downloaded earlier step, double click it, and in details tab, goto thumbprint option. Copy the thumbprint to notepad.
  • Remove spaces and replace all small letter words to capital letters.
  • Run following commands. You don’t have to go to sql server to get the thumbprint.

$cred = Get-Credential Set-Item -LiteralPath "<FullPath\_to\_connection>" -username $cred.username -Securepassword $cred.password -SslThumbprint "<New ThumbPrint>" -hypervisorAddress <vcenter URL>

Note: The Certificate Thumbprint has to be written in Capital Letters.

Example: Set-Item -LiteralPath "XDHyp:\\Connections\\EsxLab" -username $cred.username -securepassword $cred.password -sslthumbprint "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" -hypervisorAddress


If you get any errors while running the above command, goto your hosting tab in studio, select the vcenter server, enable maintenance mode on the hosting url and disable again after 5-10 seconds. It should show an error. Goto error details. You will see thumbprint. Copy that thumbprint and paste it in above command and run it.  Make sure there are no extra spaces in command like, after thumbprint xxxxxx, there should be one space and after -hypervisoraddress one space etc. Do not copy paste or use multiple spaces.

Restart citrix host service and check.

Run tests on the hosting tab, vcenter url.

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