Access DataBase Moving/Restoring

Access Data Store While there is no built-in backup scheduler with Access, Presentation Server includes the DSMAINT BACKUP command for backing up Access Data Stores only. Citrix recommends that this command be executed daily using a scheduler script. WARNING! Do not attempt to backup Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases using this command. MDB: A file with the MDB file extension is a Microsoft Access Database file. Moving / Restoring an Access Database

Access Gateway

Citrix Access Gateway is a secure application access solution that provides administrators granular application-level policy and action controls to secure access to applications and data while allowing users to work from anywhere. It gives IT administrators a single point of control and tools to help ensure compliance with regulations and the highest levels of information security across and outside the enterprise. At the same time, it empowers users with a single point of access—optimized for roles, devices, and networks—to the enterprise applications and data they need.

Adding Second Farm to web Interface

This below process is for Presentation Server 4.5 Open the first farm and: Open the Access Management Console at Web Interface Server, click “Configuration Tool” -> “Web Interface” –> right click on the site you created and select “Manage Server Farm” -> Add second Farm In Citrix Xenapp 5.0, Open AMC and select the website you have created, right click and select Manage Server Farm–> Add second farm.

Citrix Terms

The XenApp planning and installation documentation uses the following terminology. Multi-user environment An environment, including XenApp and Terminal Services, where applications are published on servers for use by multiple users simultaneously. Application servers The farm servers that host published applications. Infrastructure servers The farm servers that host services such as the data store or the license server. Typically, they do not host published applications. Production farm A farm that is in regular use and accessed by users.

Clients and Plugins

The ICA Client This is the original name of the client software that seemed to work fine for ten years. If we were scientists, this would be our ‘control.’ Historically there were Program Neighborhood, Program Neighborhood Agent, and Web packages available. You could use any of the three packages to connect to seamless published apps or to full desktops. The XenApp Plugin This is the new (current) name for the ICA client.


Member servers to ZDC communication The ZDC will send an IMA ping to each MetaFrame server periodically to make sure that they are still alive. This happens by default every 60 seconds.The ZDC also requests a load level from a server if it has not received a load update for more that 5 mimutes. Grace Period for Data Store and License Server Background License Server will work normally with MetaFrame Presentation Server after the MetaFrame Server looses the connectivity to its Data Store.

Installation of Desktop Director 2.1 for XenApp 6.5

Requirements A XenApp 6.5 Farm An available server to install Desktop Director, it can also be added to the XenApp 6.5 Controller An install Media for XenDesktop 5.6 Feature pack 1 IIS 7 installed on the server that hosts the Desktop Director .NET Framework 3.5 Sp1 Adobe Flash 10.x or above Firewall exceptions for port 80, 2513 and 5985 Procedure Ensure you have downloaded the ISO for XenDesktop 5.6 Feature pack 1; it is needed this for the DesktopDirector install If it is not already installed on the operating system, install .

List of Citrix Support Tools

Check out the latest citrix support tools page for updated info: Citrix Support provides many support tools to help in the troubleshooting of an environment that contains almost all the Citrix product. All support tools are available from the following location: Citrix Knowledge Center - TOOLS Legacy tools: Citrix Support have been developing tools to help troubleshooting your Citrix environments for many years now. Below you will find the full list of tools available from Citrix Support along with links to useful resources.

RDP and ICA sessions list

Hi All, Today I was given a task to get a list of all connected users to terminal servers. So, I thought I would share the process to list terminal server/citrix ica users and kill the required sessions when needed. List ICA/RDP Sessions: If we want to get a list of all ICA and RDP sessions list we can Connect to the server and use the command, query session. Use any tool to get the list of sessions.